We hope you chose us to build your new web site. This is a brief explanation of what you can expect from us and what is covered by the costs. This has been kept as basic as possible as we don't want to cause confusion with drawn out terms but want to ensure you know what you are getting. If it's not clear just give us a call or email info@fraserwebdesign.co.uk


1. We will ask for 25% deposit and then will build a design page based on your colours, logo and other design elements you require. We will provide a sample page to allow you to view the design and at this stage any changes can be made to this design.

2. When you are satisfied with the design we will be ready to start the build of the site. We will check that you are 100% satisfied as any changes made to the design after agreement will result in additional costs. At this point we will then invoice for a further 25%.

3. We will then build the site and ask you to supply text and information for the site.

4. When this information is added to the site we will ask for payment of the balance and the website will then be made live.

5. If your site is an eCommerce site you will be shown how to add the pages and products onto the site. We can add these on if you wish for an additional fee but it is so simple to do that you will want to do it yourself rather than paying us.

6. Payment for E-commerce websites ( ie web sites that you sell goods from) is due on day of training.


This covers :

1. Provision of email services with up to 5 email addresses. If you have an email program such as Microsoft Outlook or Windows live mail we provide settings that will enable you to download email to your PC. We recommend that email downloaded to a PC is backed up on a regular basis - please ask for more details if required.

2. Updating of text and existing images on the site whenever required. New pages, design changes and extra images are not covered under this fee.

3. Website support - Basically you make a mistake and we fix it

4. Backup of the main files that make up the website

5. The monthly fee is only payable as long as website is required. If you decide to leave it is your responsibility to stop the standing order as we have no control over it.


Simply inform us in writing 30 days before you want to finish the contract and then stop your standing order.

Thank you for considering Fraser Web Design to build your new website.