When we visit we will only stay as long as you want us. The appointment can last 2 minutes or 2 hours...it is up to you. In most cases we will provide a quote before we leave but will not wait until you make a decision. We will contact you within a couple of days of the meeting to see if you want to proceed. No hassle, no pressure, just a friendly affordable service - ask our customers!!

If you decide to use us for your web site we will supply a one page website design to begin with. You will be asked to view the design and provide feedback and we will then change the design of the site until you are 100% happy. Only when you agree to the design do we start to build the site.


You may have heard people talking about CMS websites or E-Commerce web sites but what do they actually mean...

• A Content Managed Website or CMS website allows you to add and change the content of your website instantly without the need to learn coding skills. All you need to do is login, edit the content and click 'Update' and your website will be updated. It's as easy as using Facebook or Word. The system we currently use is called Word Press.

• An E-Commerce website allows you to set up an online shop. Customers can browse your items for sale , add items to their basket and checkout using a debit / credit card or Paypal. Your online store will be open for service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and you can sell to anyone anywhere and not just people walking past your front door. These systems are as easy as adding items for sale in Ebay or Gumtree but don't take our word for it just ask any of our customers or read our testimonials page. We will build the shop for you and then show you how to add products and pages to the site. The systems we currently use for e-commerce sites are Zencart and Opencart.

• We have many happy clients also in the wedding niche like wedding photographers with wedding websites who are more than happy with our design

AND remember with all our sites we are always on the other end of a phone to help you if should encounter a problem.

To find out more call us on: 01355522264